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Childbirth hypnosis classes in columbia, sc

Often called Hypnobirthing, hypno-birthing, or hypnosis for birth - our hypno-moms learn real medical grade hypnosis techniques for an easier and more comfortable birth!

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These are babies whose parents choose to easily and naturally prepare for childbirth using the Hypnobabies method of Hypnotic Childbirth, which some might call “hypno-birthing”.

Hypnobabies is the real deal, and teaches our moms how to use medical-grade hypnosis techniques, the same techniques people use to undergo surgery without drugs! This hypnosis creates an automatically peaceful, relaxing and more comfortable pregnancy, a calm confident Birth Partner, and an easier, much more comfortable natural birthing for our Hypno-Mom!

Yeah, it sounds kind of weird!

No, we don't hypnotize babies.

Seriously! You deserve an easier and more comfortable birth! Let's chat and get the ball rolling! :)

tiffany, wichita falls, tx

 I was able to birth our sweet boy unexpectedly early, with pitocin, in a Hospital naturally just as we wanted and it was such an amazing beautiful experience. I felt no pain just pressure and only for the last 4-5 hours of my birthing time. Doing Hypnobabies created this unity between Patrick and I that we had not had (and we pride ourselves on being such an awesome bonded pair) - we became a serious team and birth made us an even stronger team.

Despite the common culture around birth in America I was able to have a natural, easy, wonderful birth in a hospital setting. I look forward to birthing again if God blesses us with the opportunity. Thanks so much to Jessica with Midlands Hypnobabies for leading Patrick and I in our Hypnobabies journey; We are so grateful for this true gift of a birth experience.

Mandy & Patrick

amanda, houston, tx

"I didn't feel pain, just intensity and strength. Thanks to Hypnobabies, I had come to view this intensity and power as a good thing and something to look forward to and be thankful for"

Rebecca & Stephen

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