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Each class session meets for (6) consecutive weeks.
Class meets (1) night per week for (3) hours. 
Class cost is $350 plus $65 for materials.
Retainer to reserve your space is $200 with the balance due a week before class. 

In addition to learning how to use real medical grade hypnosis techniques, Hypnobabies is an adult education course! Couples will learn about a large variety of topics from staying healthy and low risk during pregnancy, to what to expect during labor, postpartum care for mom and baby and breastfeeding. This is a full childbirth education course to prepare you for the birth of your little one! :)  


birth rehearsal

fear clearing

Hypnobabies birth partners are thoroughly prepared and ready to assist our Hypno-moms with birth! You will learn tools and techniques to best help your partner use her hypnosis skills during birth. You will also get your own Birth Partner Relax and Feel Confident track - to help you remain calm and confident about all aspects of birthing! Hypnobabies birth partners are rock stars at assisting our moms! 

To fine tune your brilliantly learned hypnosis skills, we have a full birth rehearsal in class #6! Both Hypno-moms and birth partners benefit greatly from being able to  fully practice putting your tools and techniques into practice to prepare for your baby's beautiful birth! You will leave class feeling relaxed and confident about your baby's birthing!

 Hypnobabies contains a fear clearing track to help release any negative thoughts held in your conscious, or subconscious mind that no longer serve your goal of having an easier and more comfortable birth! The is a wonderful tool for having a more enjoyable pregnancy and birth! 

Can I just take a weekend seminar?

For real hypnosis to be effective, it needs to be practiced on a regular basis. The Hypnobabies program is a six week process that allows our mom's minds to fully absorb the new concepts and information they are receiving, and accept the suggestions for an easier and more comfortable birth. To receive the greatest benefit, this must be done over a period of time and practiced regularly.

There are other programs that offer weekend seminars on birth basics and "relaxation" techniques etc, but Hypnobabies utilizes the real deal, medical grade hypnosis techniques, and this must be practiced over time, adding new elements into the program as it was designed. The good news is - practicing Hypnosis is amazingly relaxing and enjoyable, and you will be so thankful you decided to use the Hypnobabies program - during pregnancy, and birth!

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